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Protect Your Family from the Hidden Dangers of Unsafe Meat, Fish & Poultry
Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish
Don't Trust Your Nose. Trust FOODsniffer! The first portable 'eNose' that instanlty alerts you if your food is FRESH, SPOILED, or STARTING TO SPOIL
Why You Need FOODsniffer
POINT the FOODsniffer device toward the food product, testing it either directly on a plate or in a covered container.
CLICK the FOODsniffer companion app to perform an advanced bio-organic test that can "sniff" out when your meat is starting to spoil.
OODsniffer companion app
READ the FOODsniffer test results on your iPhone or Android smart-phone or tablet sent directly via Bluetooth®.
READ the FOODsniffer test results
Read the results: Read the results: FRESH, COOK WELL, SPOILED

It's that EASY!

Apple iPhone or Android FOODsniffer app

Apple iPhone or Android FOODsniffer app (provided free with purchase) is required to use the FOODsniffer. Mobile devices not included.

During Processing

  • The initial amount of bacteria on meat can increase during slaughter and processing.
  • The greater the amount of bacteria, the faster your food will spoil.

In the Store

  • What is the hygiene of those handling meat at the store?.
  • Was the meat imported frozen, and then defrosted?
  • Meat packaged in its own juices will spoil faster.

In Your Car

  • Expiration times get shorter as meat is exposed to temperatures above 35-45° F.
  • Meat will spoil 4 times faster when stored at room temperature.
  • Meat left in a hot car can potentially spoil in as little as one hour!

At Home

  • Meat defrosted outside the refrigerator or in the microwave can increase the likelihood of food spoilage.
  • Food defrosted after freezing decomposes at a faster rate, as the moisture in the meat expands and tears the cell membranes, allowing for faster bacterial growth.

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NOTICE: The FOODsniffer is intended to detect the deterioration of meat, fish, and poultry from causes that result in the emanation of gases that reflect such deterioration. It is not intended for, and will not indicate, the presence of gastroenteritis from bacteria such as salmonella, e.coli, shigella or similar causes. Always follow safe food handling procedures to minimize this risk.